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Part of adidas FWD-01 packaging. A insert for headphone accessories made of black paperW

Adidas, FWD- 01, packaging design

Signum bench with two legs standing in front a building

Nordic parks, Signum furniture series for public environments, product design

A close-up of the EF ceramic logo pressed in clay

EF keramik, branding

A hand holding Adidas pouch with FWD-01 headphones inside

Adidas, pouch, product design

Close-up of packaging part with Marshall headphones Minor attached for nice presentation

Marshall, Minor II, packaging design

Close up of a packaging part for Urbanears Lotsen speaker. The part is made of paper pulp with perfect fit for speaker accessories.

Urbanears, Lotsen, packaging design

Lumos packagings stacked on each other. One packaging is opened, showing the brass candle holder.

Lumos, candle holder, product and packaging design

Återvinst, recycle container, product design

Close up of an Urbaners packaging part, an insert made of grey folded paper

Urbanears, Jakan, packaging design

Graphic illustration with instructions on how to handle hazardous waste

Järfälla kommun, cabinets for hazardous waste, graphic design 

Part of Major IV packaging made of black folded corrugated board, showing how the headphone is placed

Marshall, Major IV, packaging design

A green metal bottle collector for public environments

Nordic parks, bottle collector, product design

Three recycling containers with clear signs. One for plastic, one for glass and one for cardboard.

Stockholms stad, recycle bins, graphic design

Three recycling pipes with clear signs of what to throw in each pipe

Envac, recycle bin, graphic design

A rendering of a design concept, a marble mortar with associated packaging

Marble mortar, conceptualization and visualization, product and packaging design

Visualization of existing packaging concept

Torplyktan, visualization, existing packging design


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